Monday, 16 March 2015

Paul the leeuw, A portrait in colour, just like he is! Painting workshops weekly!

  Linocut by Twan de Vos
Portrait, Paul de Leeuw, sterren op het doek

If you just start painting under the guidance of a professional teacher you make quick progress.
After a few lessons, you notice that you have everything you've learned before that actually have control and can apply. Which in turn, opens the way for new ideas and possibilities.  

Painting is a real discovery and brings creative processes and flows.
One thing leads to another and  you'll see sudenly around you al lot of paintings that you never have noticed before. The follow-up is that you wonder what purpose and intention and by whom the work of art you see are made?
Time to take a look around what to see and do in the world of the Visual Arts.
Het Rijksmuseum, nu te zien Rembrandttentoonstelling, en de de Rijksstudio
Het Vincent van Gogh museum
125e Sterfdag van Vincent van Gogh wordt gevierd met o.a een Vincent van Gogh schilderwedstrijd
Bosch Parade in het kader van het Jeroen Boschjaar

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